quakes & butterflies

Here in Canterbury New Zealand these past few years we rarely share our stories without telling of earthquakes.

Our stability has been rocked in every way.

We had thought that our turn on shaky ground had passed and recovery was underway. But then just after midnight on the morning of November 14 the entire region north through Marlborough to Wellington was shaken again. Once again lives and livelihoods were lost.

A week later the less-reported Scargill Valley quakes caused more damage instantly turning homeowners into campers and reminding us that the earth that feeds us cannot provide the stability we seek.

Recently a friend gave me a book written by local poet, playwright, filmmaker and novelist. “Earthquakes & Butterflies” is a profound reflection on our shared Canterbury journey from the inside of human souls. It is not an easy read and often after a page or paragraph I found the book resting in my lap while my mind and heart accompanied the turmoil and hope of new friends as they journeyed in suffering glimpsing and grasping at hope.

The author Kathleen Gallagher knows that earthquakes have little to do with what the earth does naturally and everything to do with the lives of the people who fall and rise together.

You get a sense of what I am saying in this brief reading from the opening of the book, and at Kathleen’s webpage you will find more information and purchase information.


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