on friendship

This month began with news of the Las Vegas tragedy with the loss of 58 lives and the wounding of almost 500 people

A number of commentators have reflected that while one man held the gun, the responsibility for such tragedies must at least partly shared by a society that is lacking in what is essential for healthy happy human life.

The suggestion in an article linked below is that a lack of quality friendship particularly among men is a key factor.

One of the first pieces of our world’s written literature advises “it is not good that man [sic] be alone”. (Gen 2:18)  While this Genesis passage goes on to reflect on marriage, I have always known that even more importantly God is teaching us about the human need to seek and nurture quality friendships. Life without friendship is not life at all.

In many parts of the world including our own men have been raised to not show weakness, certainly not to cry and to spend time together only over beer and superficial banter.

As a result too many men live with an unnecessary loneliness.

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