Nazareth chapel

Today the new Nazareth House Christchurch chapel was dedicated.

The chapel is an attractive heart of the rest-home community. The simple, dignified design includes the altar, stained-glass windows and stations of the cross from the old earthquake-damaged chapel.

The design of the chapel has also recreated the transcendent dimension of the old.

Good preparation and thought has gone into all important and structural aspects of the chapel. The less than ideal parts (prominent data-projectors and screens and unnecessarily visible sound speakers) can easily be updated.

The sisters deserve our gratitude and congratulations for achieving this pleasing result, a chapel which will be a beautiful dwelling for God in the midst of the Nazareth House community of faith for many decades into the future.

And thanks to Peter Fleming for sending through this pic of the old Nazareth House chapel:

Article in Christchurch Press 27 January 2018 at this link.

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