ad multos annos

Aug 8, 2018

A great day of meeting and celebration today (and tomorrow) for priests of the Christchurch diocese with our first clergy AGM with Bishop Paul Martin.

Our priests’ meetings always begin with fifteen minutes of silent prayer before the Blessed Sacrament. The afternoon sessions also begin with this time of silent prayer.

During the day many matters are discussed, and the highlight today was Bishop Paul’s address.

This evening the Jubliee Mass was celebrated for four of our number celebrating significant anniversaries of ordination:  Frs. Jim Nicholas (60 years), Barry Malone SM (50 years) & Peter Costello with Bishop Paul celebrating 25 years.

Their speeches were inspiring reflecting the joy these brothers have experienced in their priestly ministry, summed up by Jim Nicholas beginning his reflection speaking of his “grateful heart for priesthood.”

Thanks be to God for this ministry of these good men.

Ad multos annos!

“I have a grateful heart for priesthood” (Fr. Jim Nicholas)

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  1. Congratulations


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