Last night there was a great buzz at a Christchurch hotel as 186 diocesan priests from the six New Zealand dioceses gathered for days of formation and fraternity.

This morning the first of the keynote speakers, Canadian priest Fr. James Mallon and author of Divine Renovation Ministry, led sessions on the assembly theme: Being a Priest today: in an unprecedented time of change.

Within minutes of James beginning to speak I was captivated and wanted every New Zealand Catholic to hear his message and be inspired by his passion for life with Christ within the Church.

James understands that our world needs Intentional Disciples, Catholic Christians living in relationship with Jesus Christ. He is realistic about the present reality of the church in the world and encourages the people of the church need to move to a new level of maturity in faith.

This week we priests are being challenged to enable this growth.

If you are in Christchurch you have an opportunity to hear Fr James Mallon this Friday. There are a few places left for the day (9-5 – or morning only if that’s all you can manage).  Registration info below – click on the notice to visit registration page.

Please continue to pray for us priests as we gather this week. Remember that you are welcome to join us for Masses: Tuesday 11 September 6.00pm St Mary’s pro-Cathedral, Wednesday 12 September 6.00pm Christ the King Church Burnside, Thursday 13 September 6.00pm Christ the King Burnside.

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  1. I’m sorry I’m missing this. A speaker whose heart is on fire with Christ , ignites others. I share a quote from a little-known 14th century mystic Richard Rolle: “I appeal to you to love the name Jesus so that you never forget it wherever you are. .. If you love it properly and enduringly, and never stop, in spite of anything people may say or do, you will be carried away in ecstasy into a higher life than you know how to wish for.” I think James Mallon would agree that this is not fanciful. It is truth.

  2. The fruits of this week will be an abundance of disciples …… only if we step up and act. I for one feel we have been mute participants in our own faith lives, let’s live it out like the Lord intended! Hallelujah!

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