tuned in to God

Earlier this month more than 100 young people aged from 18 to 35 from around New Zealand spent ten days living in community for the annual Hearts Aflame gathering.

A central them of the gathering was discernment: how to tune to and recognise the voice of God in the midst of the noise that surrounds us.

There are two video clips below. The first is the reflection on discernment I gave to the Hearts Aflame gathering in January 2018. It is almost 20 minutes long so you might prefer to listen to it as you drive.

The second is a four minute clip presenting a couple of key discernment points.

2 Responses to "tuned in to God"
  1. Thank you l needed this sometimes we loose our way and give up for whatever reason l love Jesus and always will.

  2. A truly blessed event , opportunities to spend time with God at this age are pretty hit and miss. Wonderful that in this time of joy God is calling young people to follow His Son.

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