surely not ?

On his Facebook page Brian Holdsworth calls himself a creative professional and struggling thinker. I like a lot of what he says.

As a priest, a leader in the church, I know that what he says about church leaders is true. I experience this all too vividly in my own life.

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4 Responses to "surely not ?"
  1. Haha love this, Fr John.
    As a once former self fulfilling prophecy in my own right I often describe my personality type to others as Plan G. When people ask me what I mean I tell them as humans we always expect ourselves to have Plan A mapped out, particularly for those of us who are entrepreneurs in business, and stick to that for the rest of our lives. I was no different to many other ego driven fools in search of human greatness. Well me now, older and wiser? No sir, if you want to make God laugh show him your clever plan. If you want a lifetime of malcontent, disappointment and constant re-adjustment stick with your plan. I go for plan G every time – God’s plan. It starts with waking up alive with the Spirit he sends me every morning.

  2. Of course God chooses nobodies. You can’t put anything into a cup that is already full. The people who are empty are the ones who can be filled. There is something very satisfying about being like a length of garden hose waiting for God to turn on the tap.

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