forty days of growth

It’s Ash Wednesday and today’s reflection takes the form of a five minute podcast. You might listen sitting at home with your morning coffee, or perhaps on the drive to work.

In the Collect of the Mass for today we pray:

O God
Protect us in our struggle against evil.
As we begin the discipline of Lent,
make this season holy by our self-denial.
Grant this through our Lord Jesus Christ
who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit
one God, for ever and ever.

24 Responses to "forty days of growth"
  1. I love the podcast, Fr. There’s a sense of being personally addressed by you. 🙂 When you mentioned training our body like an athlete, it reminded me of St. Paul’s exhortation of training our body like an athlete in 1 Corinthians 9:27. It’s a good take to remember as I try to fast from something that I really love. Thank you, Fr. John!

  2. Thank you Father John for this reflection on Jesus here with us. Something I often forget in the busyness of my day.
    I like the podcast as it is something I can listen to again to reinforce the thoughts you have given to us.
    Happy Lent everyone and let’s get growing!

  3. Loved the podcast…. good to be reminded of the true meaning of what lent is all about… and that no matter what the Risen Christ is with me. Thank you John, a great start to the day.

  4. “Well said” Father John! I set my alarm a bit earlier so I could sit and listen peacefully to your message. Hopping out of bed straight away is a good, athletic-like discipline for me! I will pray that your message reaches even more people this Lent! Thank you.

  5. Thanks John. I like the use of podcast, particularly as it is a media form attractive for sharing with younger generations.

  6. Thank you , John,for reminding me once again, of the need to “be still & know that He is here”,as I prepare for the days of Lent.The podcast is a lovely way to start the day…gentle & reflective.

  7. Thanks you Father John,
    Your message on Lent is so perfect for our time.
    Time for reflection, time to declutter our busy heads; if only for 10 minutes.

    Thank you

  8. Really great father John also helpful playing in background as kids are eating their breakfast. I could see they were listening.

  9. Love the podcast! Really inspiring and some fantastic ‘food for thought’! A great way to start Lent and I’m so looking forward to the journey with these daily messages to help keep me focused. Really like being able to listen rather than read. Thank you.

  10. The podcast format is a wonderful idea Father John, and your reflection a perfect way to commence this season. Thank you and blessings from Australia.

  11. Thank you. The podcast is a great way to start the day. I can listen to it before I go for my walk and reflect on the message while walking.

  12. Thanks for the reflection Fr John. Great way to start the day and be aware of the presence of Jesus in my life. You brought about some great imagery of things like spring growth, the discipline of an athlete and the decluttering of the mind to embrace the presence of Jesus. Amazing stuff, looking forward to more podcasts throughout lent!

  13. Thank you, deep thanks, all the way from Colorado in the US of A. I, one of many around the globe, welcome this journey with you, Father John. May extra health and peace be yours as we journey with you through this important season.

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