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What do you notice when you read today’s Gospel reading?

“As Jesus went on his way two blind men followed him shouting, ‘Take pity on us, Son of David.’ And when Jesus reached the house the blind men came up with him and he said to them, ‘Do you believe I can do this?’ They said, ‘Sir, we do.’ Then he touched their eyes saying, ‘Your faith deserves it, so let this be done for you.’ And their sight returned. Then Jesus sternly warned them, ‘Take care that no one learns about this.’ But when they had gone, they talked about him all over the countryside”.

The reading tells of two blind men who had their sight restored by Jesus. This of course seems to be the main point of the story.

I have reflected on this passage dozens of times over the years, mostly aware that while I do have reasonable physical sight, my deeper vision is usually limited by my prejudices and my fears. So after reading this passage I usually pray that Jesus will heal me by restoring my internal vision, enabling me to see other people, situations and the world through his eyes.

But today as I read the passage a different thought came to me and I have no doubt that Jesus himself planted the new reflection in my mind.

These two blind men and Jesus have a conversation, backwards and forwards. They call out to Jesus “Take pity on us!” Jesus responds “Do you believe I can do this?” “Yes!” they reply. “Let this be done for you” Jesus then commands.

This is how we humans in healthy relationship communicate with each other. We converse. We speak making comments and ask questions then respond to each other listening with curiosity to the words of the other.

This is a pretty good definition of prayer: conversation with Jesus. Speaking to Jesus and listening to Him.

Try it.

An Invitation

  • Whenever you get a chance today, perhaps when you are stopped at the lights, grabbing a few seconds to breathe in the midst of a busy day, or making time to sit still in silence for ten minutes, talk to Jesus informally, like a friend. Tell him everything, your concerns, your fears and your hopes.
  • Then ask Jesus to respond and listen for this. You will probably be surprised at what comes to mind. Trust this, and presume that this is Jesus responding directly to you.
  • If you have any doubt then tell Jesus this, asking him to confirm that the response you sense really is from him.
15 Responses to "divine chatting"
  1. Thankyou so much. Just what I needed to hear today. God Bless you. I’m sure our Lord meant for this to happen today. Amen!

  2. The two blind men did not keep there end of the bargain ,as once sight was restored they did the opposite of what he asked ,what is this telling us

    • Good question Jim. In the same situation as the blind men, I would be wanting to spread the good news to all I know. Perhaps he is just wanting them to thank God for restoring their vision.

  3. They/us are like children, crying out, following our parent.
    Then the parent stops, holds us and we can feel the love flow.
    Jesus stopped moving, he listened to them, he stopped their pain with touch. And just like children they became joyful that they had the comfort of love from a parent.
    God indeed has the whole world in his hands. Its oK to ask Jesus please hold me.

  4. I’m like Jim the men did not do as asked. I may have been able to keep it a secret for a few years, eventually I would like to tell of the miracle and who preformed it. Give praise where praise is due. It certainly tells what a humble man Jesus is. How often does one do something to be acknowledged or praised. Its hard to be humble.

  5. Thank you, Fr John. A most poignant and beautiful message for Advent. “Divine chatting” is a wonderful term and your advice for that interactive 10 minute conversation with Jesus is just golden. It is the basis of a living faith. God bless.

  6. Many years ago I lost the hearing in my left ear. It was a spontaneous loss, no build up, no warning – and no medical explanation. I asked Jesus why? After time the response came, “Your left ear is to listen to me”.

  7. Thank you Fr John for a different reflection to this passage. I have also always asked for a deeper vision after reading this passage but it’s good to learn of and practice “divine chatting” too. Excellent practice which I intend to go into, thank you

  8. “Divine chatting” What a beautiful thought! So much meaning , a treasure of a phrase, Thankyou Father John for sharing that thought! I love it!

  9. This reflection makes me aware or “inner sight.” There is a pattern in Jesus’ healing. He knows what is needed but still asks, “What do you want?” Then, when the healing has taken place, he doesn’t say, “I have healed you,: but says something like, “Your faith has made you whole.” This tells me two things: that Jesus never owned his power but contributed it to his Father; and that we have to know our neediness and be wide open to receive healing. It’s all about inner seeing and that inner conversation of prayer.

  10. Thanks for that one Fr. John. Having a conversation with God right now means remembering to share this space, this moment, this problem. In a waiting room for someone else to help me this is a reminder someone else commands that moment and that opportunity even more. Amen.

  11. A profound encounter – Divine chatting … takes life time to take notice of what seem ordinary is a Divine moments of encounter, Divine conversation and something super natural that draws the response and reaction … amazing grace of noticing what it is and sometimes later the noticing is continually unfolding its Divine inspiration, thoughts etc.
    inner blindness is an invitation to desire to see and to notice … thank you Fr John for a deep insight.

  12. I think this is Jesus using human nature to spread the word. If you want something broadcast, tell someone a secret and swear them to secrecy, it will soon be common knowledge. Jesus is well aware of our human weaknesses and shortcomings and uses them in his teachings.

    • How could people not be aware that the blind men had been healed? They were no longer stumbling and knocking into things. The sheer joy in their faces would have told the world that something wonderful had happened. Jesus knew that would tell the story. Thank you, Father John, sending on the daily message Jesus gives us through you.

  13. Thank you for this insight of having a normal conversation with God. I had been kind of doing that but not really believing the answers. What a difference when I dared to believe the answers!

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