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power & prayer

October 9

Today we complete our journey through the five Joyful Decades of the Rosary. Each day of this week we have reflected on one of these mysteries from the early life of Jesus, You can revisit any of these from the FFF homepage at www.foodforfaith.org.nz

Each Sunday of October I will introduce one of the four Mysteries (Decades) of the Rosary. Then on the weekdays Monday – Friday we will focus on one of the Mysteries concluding on Saturday with the praying of the entire set of Mysteries. Bishop Robert Barron will lead you through the Joyful Mysteries with scriptural reflections at this link.

Tomorrow we will launch into the Luminous Mysteries, the Mysteries of Light.

Today I offer something a bit different giving us a practical testimony to the power of prayer.

Earlier this year I visited a little school in the Hokianga, the birthplace of Catholicism in Aotearoa. It was a moving experience to be in a state school imbued with the special character of the people of Motuti and surrounding area as any good school will be a reflection of the beauty and passions of the local people. In this place Catholic Christian faith is inseparable from the lives of the people, the teachers and the 130 students.

Early last year as COVID was beginning to threaten the world, the principal decided that prayer was the answer, turning to the Rosary, the prayer she had learnt in her youth ,and inviting the school community to pray with her.

At midday every day (now 400 days), the school bell rang and the community gathered in the hall to pray. The only rule for those who didn’t join was that they had to play quietly. It was a deeply moving sight to see almost every student enter the hall as the senior students led the community in prayer.

When we asked why they did this the students spoke of one of their own who had been healed by the power of prayer. Food For Faith asked Miriama the videographer who was travelling with us to interview Mary, the young woman, and thanks to the continuing generosity of Food For Faith donors we were able to employ Miriama to make this little clip which we are delighted to share with you today.

Take three minutes to listen to Mary’s story.

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  1. Interestingly, a proverb for the area is “Hokianga whakapau Karakia”. It stems from a time when two chiefs “exhausted their prayer” to sort out an issue.

    So Mary’s healing fits into a long tradition of prayer, now with a Marian flavour.

  2. Amen thanks be to you Lord Jesus Christ Amazing Amen ❤

    • Having had three sons live in the Hokianga over many years it is a place I visit frequently. Aside from its early Catholic History it is a place of deep peace.
      I knew the Lord would watch over my sons. When I watched the video this morning I once again felt that deep peace and power of prayer in my own life. Tears came to my eyes, tears of joy for Mary’s miracle. Praise be to God.

  3. What a joy and what a testimony from this faith filled young woman and her community- thank you Mary and may Christ be always by your side through your life

  4. What a wonderfull faith filled testimony,thankyou Mary for sharing your story with us when people gather in unity and pray with one mind and heart especially during the sacrifice of the mass , our expectations are full of faith and hope , we truly believe our prayers are answered. Aren’t we blessed to have our faith,and to have each other.

  5. just so beautifull that the children all met and prayed,watching them bless themselves,and include
    totally” into the school.it brought tears of love into my eyes,
    and Hearing prayers,AMEN
    Thankyou for the faithfilled
    Recording, FFF.


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