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Nov 6, 2021


We have come to something of a turning point in the Food For Faith mission, at the cusp of something new and wonderful, and seeking the support of all who appreciate this outreach.

Food For Faith had little beginnings ten years ago and has grown beyond Aotearoa with almost 3000 written, podcast and video reflections intended as an encouragement for all who seek greater maturity of Christian faith.

Food For Faith is now established as a Charitable Trust to free me from all administrative details enabling me to focus my time and energy, as a part of my priestly ministry alongside my other responsibilities, on the production of content for Food For Faith.

The Trustees are Chris Fogarty (lawyer), Catherine Gibbs (administrator) and Fr. Merv Duffy SM (priest theologian). The Trust is supported by a number of others including an accountant and an advisory group guiding me in content production and mission growth.

The Trustees write:

As Trustees we seek to take the time-consuming admin and finance tasks off Fr John, pay his technical people properly, and give Food For Faith independence from other diocesan and national work he is involved in. All of this is being done in response to his request and with his active encouragement.

The purposes of the Food For Faith Trust are:

To develop the Food For Faith mission to benefit those who seek to grow in Christian faith using this virtual platform, as well as in-person (and Zoom) contact for retreats, reflection sessions and similar gatherings, with development as resources allow.

To administer the assets of the Trust (especially the contributions of donors) to extend the outreach of the Food For Faith mission, to support personal and communal faith in Jesus Christ through use of interviews, video clips, podcasts and other means of promoting abundant life.

The Trust is further established to do anything else which the Trustees may think is conducive or incidental to the attainment of the above charitable purposes.

In order to continue and to develop this mission we need considerably more financial support than we currently receive. Grateful for the generosity that has enabled us to develop considerably in recent months we now turn to Food For Faith readers requesting your generous support.

In the next twelve months Food For Faith needs $300,000 in order to provide:

Daily Written Reflections
Homily Studio Weekly Podcast
Daily Lectio Divina Podcast
3 minute Video clips
Technical Support
Online Retreats (3 day and longer)
Feature Video Reflections
Children’s page

You will have noticed the growth of the mission in recent months as a result of your financial support. Over the next few months your generosity will determine the rate of our growth.

In order to realise all that we list above over the next twelve months the financial support needed would be significant, $300,000. This amount would allow us to achieve all that we hope to do. If we receive less, we will do what we can to focus on fewer projects. In short, the growth of Food For Faith is in your hands.

Click the image below to contribute.

Please pray for me too. Over the next month i will be on retreat, the Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius. As a friend commented to me when I was considering whether or not to make this retreat, “John, you have a responsibility to us your readers to do all you can to deepen your relationship with Jesus…you must do this retreat”. So, until early December, pray for me and i will for every one of you who is following and supporting this Food For Faith mission.


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