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Dec 29, 2021


One of the most satisfying and exciting new Food For Faith initiatives in recent months is the Homily Studio.

Over 35 years as a homilist I have been very aware that the work of breaking open the Word of God is not simply a task assigned to one we might call the preacher, but rather a project of the entire community of faith.

I have been reminded of this most vividly when after a Mass someone shares a comment on the scriptures that is much more insightful, timely, relevant, real, practical and inspired than anything I could have come up with.

I have been challenged by these conversations to put more work, more time and especially more prayer into my homily preparation, knowing that even with all my efforts I will usually miss the mark.

A few months ago Food For Faith recorded and trialled a 30-minute podcast conversation between four people who had reflected on the scriptures of the following Sunday.

The response from people not only in Aotearoa but also further afield was enthusiastic and we decided to develop the project into a weekly podcast reflection not only for those who are preparing homilies but for anyone who seeks to encounter Christ more intimately through the Word of God.

Now we have a diverse group of more than a dozen people, mostly married with families, men and women from half a dozen countries, as well as a couple of priests and a bishop who four or five at a time have a lively chat about the Sunday scriptures.

And people across the globe listen in, preparing for Sunday, digesting the Word, hearing the voice of Jesus anew, and beginning their own conversations.

Some listeners turn in as they are sitting, praying, reflecting, driving, and in groups seeking to encounter Christ the Word.

Take a look at this link to hear some of the earlier recordings, and the Homily Studio for this Sunday 2 January 2022, the Feast of the Epiphany at this link.

You can also subscribe to the Homily Studio at Spotify, Google Podcasts or Apple Podcasts, or sign up at this link to receive an email once a week when the Homily Studio for the following Sunday is published.

You might like to share this resource with others who are seeking to prepare for Sunday more actively.

And thank you to all who are supporting the growth of the Food For Faith mission with financial contributions. For more information on how you can support please visit the FFF Support page at this link.

Each Homily Studio begins with a few moments of silent prayer including the Opening Prayer of the Mass of the Sunday, the conversation on the scriptures and concluding with the Prayer for these years of Synodality encouraging us all to engage as professional disciples seeking to encounter Christ.

Once again, thank you for your support for the FFF mission, enabling us to continue the regular daily reflections, and to develop these new initiatives.

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  1. I find it very helpful, good reflection.


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