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Dec 12, 2022


What authority have you for acting like this?
And who gave you this authority?’”
Matthew 21

We are right to be suspicious of many who wield authority in our world. However healthy authority is necessary for a happy and healthy human life.

Many people who pride themselves on living freely, distant from traditional authoritative structures (and people) are (unconsciously) subservient to and captivated by power, money, busyness and earthly success and a smorgasbord of other addictions and behaviours.

Even religious practices (without relationship with Jesus) can be unhealthy attachments and this is why the teaching of Jesus is so attractive. “his teaching made a deep impression on them because, unlike the scribes, he taught them with authority.”

If you are not convinced of what I am saying, you might like to try this.

Decide now that this week you will live fully in relationship with Jesus. You will also have a pretty sound interior sense of what God is nudging you away from, and towards.

Note that I’m not speaking about a week of rigorous discipline obeying religious rules and regulations but a choice to live these days in lively and conscious relationship with Jesus Christ, avoiding whatever limits your ability to live fully, and moving with anything and anyone who encourages and enables you to live abundantly.

Add to your decision a commitment to be still and silent at least five minutes morning with a few seconds every hour of awareness of your renewed way of living.

If you do this, I guarantee that after a day or two, you will notice a difference in your life that delights you.

You will feel less stressed.

You will feel more connected with Jesus who is God-with-you.

Let Jesus be your authority.

You will have a strong sense that you are growing beyond much of what has been limiting you.

You will also have a sense that you are on a new and ultimate adventure.

And, like the millions around the world who have lived this life across the centuries, and today, you will feel as though you are living anew.

If you don’t believe me, try it!




  1. Many thanks for these thoughts

  2. In church yesterday the minister talked about ” waiting on God”. I realised I don’t know how to wait. Our lives are full of chatter and busyness. Your homily ties in with this, wait, be still.

  3. Being still with Jesus is gives is a very tiny glimpse of a very tiny corner of Paradise.

  4. Absolutely spot on.

  5. I find that reflection so practical, and exciting! Thank you.

  6. Loved this ! Yes what an exciting adventure as we walk in relationship with Jesus ! Thank you

  7. Sounds so simple, but is rightly so much more challenging.. Then again there is nothing to lose by trying ?

    Thanks for the inspiration !

  8. I spend at least 20min every day listening to Mass on line in the morning, this sets me up for the rest of the day thinking about Jesus as he comes into my mind.


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