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Feb 21, 2024


It’s late evening Tuesday as I write. Before I left home today I had recorded the Homily Studio (which will appear tomorrow morning), responded to some National Liturgy Office emails, and (after reading today’s scriptures), made a decision to spend the day looking for signs of the divine.

It was the opening of today’s gospel that prompted me to seek signs: This is a wicked generation; it is asking for a sign.

I’m not put off by Jesus’ clear admonition since unlike those who heard these words and had no desire to read the many signs they had been given, I’m doing my best to read everything that happens in my day as a potential sign from God.

And my desire seems to be enough. When I live with sensitivity to divine signs in every situation I’m not disappointed. And I’m surprised and delighted by the clarity of the signs I notice. Encounters i would otherwise have overlooked I am now reading as encouragement and affirmation or challenge and re-direction from God.

From God?

How do I know the signs are of God?

Simple. I ask, Jesus, is this a sign from you for me, or is it my imagination. Almost always, and very quickly, I get a response.

I constantly need signs of the presence and action of Jesus with me, and in my healthiest moments I ask constantly.

When I ask Jesus for a sign I immediately notice a change in me.

While signs of the presence and action of Jesus are real and constant I’m usually oblivious to these. But asking for a sign turns on my radar, focusses my senses, and I become hypersensitive to the presence and action of Jesus.

And then I seek and find Jesus in every person, every circumstance and every thought.

Ask Jesus for a sign, and you will see His signs everywhere.

Try it.



  1. I often find those signs are retrospective. “That’s why that happened”it was Gods plan!
    I am still strongly positive with Covid after 5 days and the issue from family is the hardest.
    Pray that I will use this aloneness productively and strengthen my faith in this lenton season.

  2. My sign from God today is this words l heard on my podcast.
    On my morning walks l listen to Pray as you go

    Give me on your love and grace Lord
    That is enough for me.


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