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Feb 22, 2024


In any gathering of people there is a lot of what and why conversation, with a mix of gossip about who is doing what with whom, and maybe where.

In a Christian community we might know better than to indulge in the negative gossip, but then, even in our Christian gatherings, we spend a lot of time talking about the what.

I suppose that’s inevitable. Wherever people gather there are organisational and structural whats to be attended to.

But when a Christian community focusses on its what, it risks being reduced to a structured organisation alongside other good organisations, too quickly forgetting that the church is really more of a WHO than a what. When healthy, the church is a living organism (rather than organisation), the body of Jesus Christ on earth.

I’m sure that the first followers and friends of Jesus spent a lot of time talking about the what. But in today’s gospel Jesus leads his friends to the heart of the matter by asking them the WHO question: not what should I do now, or what is the best way forward, but WHO do people say that I am, then, even more directly and profoundly, WHO do YOU say that I am?

The good religious person will have no difficulty giving a response to Jesus’ first question, a casual enquiry: who do people say that I am?  It’s not too difficult to give an answer. I could say, Lord, when my family and friends say this about you, and then I read a couple of good theology books that explain that you are…

That’s enough for someone who is happy to be a good religious person.

But Jesus is calling us to a greater maturity, an invitation to respond from a lived relationship. Jesus asks, who do YOU say that I am?

We know Peter’s response.

But more importantly, how do you respond today?

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  1. Jesus is my Saviour, my friend, my comforter, my helper, my inspiration, my hope, my peace and he has taught me how to really love people and myself, by His example on the cross.


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