Homily Studio – an update

Sep 22, 2023

My apologies for the lack of Homily Studio this week. There were a few little hitches, almost all due to me trying to avoid recording and editing costs and produce the session myself as I often do. However this week I had to give priority to a number of pastoral requests and now it is late Friday night and while we did have people ready and eager to record, I was not able to do all the bits that I needed to do.

In short the challenge is our need to operate within a very tight financial constraints and we need your support. Life in the digital world is costly.

Food For Faith has some regular donors, and some others who give periodically. Each Homily Studio costs several hundred dollars to produce, and there are also significant costs in the production of the daily Lectio Divina and the written posts.

Along with my apology for not getting the Homily Studio for this week up and running, could I take the opportunity to invite you to consider giving some financial support to Food For Faith. Your donation (either one-off or regular) will enable the site to remain up to date and engaging.

You might also consider remembering this Food For Faith mission in your will.

If you are able to help, take a moment to visit the SUPPORT FFF page either here or by clicking on the image below.

And the Homily Studio will be back next week!

Gratefully, In Christ

Signature of Fr John O'Connor


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