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hello brother

We know, in solidarity with our Muslim sisters and brothers, that our only hope is in God. Our only hope is in God…(Read More)


Food For Faith made it to the Press this morning offering a comment on the unprecedented opportunity Bishop Martin is giving Christchurch Catholics to be a part of springtime of faith in the diocese…(Read More)

a new harmony

There is always a temptation to build “nests”, to cling to our little group, to the things and people we like, to resist all contamination. It is only a small step from a nest to a sect…(Read More)

united in prayer

“Out of the depths I cry to you O Lord”. We know that our loving God has not caused this pain, but the freedom God gives us as a mark of his great love has been tragically misused and abused…(Read More)

Inform June 2017

A Monastery garden, Ancient Order of Malta in Christchurch, news from the parishes of the diocese, diocesan events,,,  You can read the latest issue of the magazine of the Catholic Diocese of Christchurch by tapping on the image below…(Read More)

five years on…

Five years ago today, a couple of hours before dawn, the people of Christchurch and surrounding districts were jolted awake by a sharp and severe earthquake. In the months that followed, over ten thousand quakes were felt, and the February 22 shake five months after the initial jolt was devastating beyond imagining taking 185 lives…(Read More)

Cathedral update

It doesn’t take long for nature to begin to take over a Cathedral. Christchurch’s Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament has been closed to the public since September earthquake in 2010. In the fatal February 2011 quake the towers fell and the nave of the great church was severely damaged with substantial cracks appearing…(Read More)

media release

There is a moment in Gerard Smyth’s “When a City Falls” which for many Christchurch Catholics captures the devastation of the earthquakes. Gerard has led us through much of the destruction: broken bodies and broken buildings, then turns to walk down Barbadoes street towards the Cathedral. The moment he sees the fallen towers, all…(Read More)

four years on

February 22 will remain a memorial day for the city of Christchurch. Four years ago today, our city was devastated by earthquake. 185 people died tragically on the day, and in the 36 months since many others have suffered and died as a result of the ongoing trauma. Many people still await insurance settlements. While…(Read More)

The House of God

In preparation for the rebuilding of churches destroyed in the Christchurch earthquakes, Bishop Barry Jones last week announced his intention to publish a document entitled “The House of God” providing parishes with fundamental knowledge about what a Catholic Church building needs to be. This document was published today and you can read it on the…(Read More)

Thomas Merton

born: 31 January 1915         died: 10 December 1968 One of the great spiritual classics of the twentieth century is Thomas Merton’s Seven Story Mountain. Within minutes of its publication in 1948 it became a best-seller, and one of the books most read by people who were seeking God both within and without the…(Read More)

Anglican generosity

I am regularly moved by the generosity that New Zealand Anglicans show towards the Catholic community in our country. This morning I experienced this good-will and encouragement yet again, this time (as often before) on the popular  website of Rev. Bosco Peters of the Anglican diocese of Christchurch. Bosco was…(Read More)

Faithfest Cultural Festival

Here is the final selection of Faithfest photos – this time from Sunday afternoon’s Cultural Festival. Thank you again to Peter Fleming who took these photos and generously shares them with us. &nbsp…(Read More)

faces of faithfest

More Faithfest photos here from Peter Fleming. If you were there, the chances are you will see yourself in at least one of these pictures. The pics are a mix from different moments of the day, some from the Mass, others from the Choral festival. Photos of the cultural festival to come tomorrow. The programme…(Read More)

Bishop’s Faithfest homily

Thanks to Bishop Barry Jones for providing “food for faith” with this copy of his homily delivered at yesterday at the Faithfest Mass in the CBS Arena, Christchurch. Everywhere, today, the Catholic Church will be honouring Jesus Christ, the King of the Universe. It is the conclusion of the Church year. There are processions and…(Read More)