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All Souls

By looking at the graves, before which countless memories return, we remember how they lived, what they loved, what they feared, what they hoped for and what they hated…(Read More)

without fear

The experiences that feel like death are very often more like a birth offering different opportunities and invitations…(Read More)

living the storm

The storm exposes our vulnerability and uncovers those false and superfluous certainties around which we have constructed our daily schedules, our projects, our habits, and priorities…(Read More)

death & life

I have often quoted the High School principal who when asked to name the specific reason for the existence of her school responded: “We exist to prepare our students for death…(Read More)

facing fear

We spend most of our lives running from death and the daily moments that feel deathly. We do our best to avoid such uncomfortable realities and expend time, energy and resources trying to avoid anything that hints at death…(Read More)

the rich earth

Last night at the Vigil Mass the priest used the line: “no one gets out of life alive.” It is a sobering thought and a fact. It’s the kind of fearsome one-liner that fire and brimstone sermons once relished but thanks be to God last night the priest was much more gentle and…(Read More)

the threshold

Grief is the price we pay for love, and this week the many family and friends who love and are loved by Fr. Graeme Blackburn have been gripped by grief at his tragic road accident death on Monday. We were united in speechless shock at the news. Memories began to be shared. Tears flowed and…(Read More)

choosing life

This week the End of Life Choice bill has been debated in the New Zealand parliament resulting in the decision to send the bill to Select Committee and consult citizens in a referendum. The most reliable measure of a civilised society is the degree of care provided for those citizens who are most vulnerable and…(Read More)

never be afraid

It is 40 years ago today that my paternal grandfather William O’Connor died. Grandad spent the last few weeks of his life not on the Gray’s Corner Farm where he had lived for fifty years but at our family home in Timaru. I recall the morning a couple of weeks before his death…(Read More)

dealing with grief

Every week I spend time with people who are carrying the burden of grief. I know that there is little I can do or say to ease the pain. While I learnt some grief theory and pastoral practice in seminary, and for thirty years as a priest have accompanied people who are coming to terms…(Read More)

facing fear

The liturgy of Good Friday gives us an opportunity to face our greatest fear, the fear of death…(Read More)

unto dust…

The encouragement that usually accompanies the imposition of Ash Wednesday ashes is “Turn away from sin and be faithful to the Gospel.” But when I was a child the exhortation was a bit more sombre: “Remember man that you are dust, and unto dust you shall return.” For some reason it is this latter mantra…(Read More)

not death but life

On Good Friday earlier in the year I had the privilege of preaching the sermon at the morning ecumenical service held at St. Mary’s Co-operating Church in Culverden. Since arriving in the Hurunui I have known that the Catholic parish of the Good Shepherd is home to six of the most beautiful churches…(Read More)

funerals, and hope

Last month I celebrated Mass on the anniversary of the death of my mother (9 February 2009) and father (10 February 2010). My father would often comment that we could only hope for the threescore and ten  years spoken of in Psalm 90, and both my parents reached that milestone albeit with with only five…(Read More)

celebrating life?

Today a friend posted this blog posting on funerals on his Facebook page. Thanks Pete for sharing this – a very helpful reflection.     &nbsp…(Read More)