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seven years on

Today, February 22, marks seven years since the devastating 2011 earthquake which brought tragic loss of life to our city of Christchurch where we continue the long and difficult process of rebuilding lives and livelihoods. There are many signs of great hope as people work together to build a city that is not only stronger…(Read More)


Have you ever thought of prayer as child-like playfulness.  There are some similarities and today’s gospel in which Jesus encourages us to be childlike gives us an opportunity to consider these…(Read More)


Often we think that the environment has to be just right for our prayer. The problem is that most of us struggle to see our own situations as conducive to prayer. If prayer was about us then this would be a difficulty, but the reality is that our prayer is primarily about what God is…(Read More)

the bells

A number of people have commented that this “Monastery Bells” Food For Faith clip (first published a few months ago) is one of their favourite FFF posts.  It is one of my favourites as well and was written on my return from a weekend retreat in a monastery near Manila. The bells at this Augustinian…(Read More)

lectio divina

Many methods have been offered for the tradition of “divine reading” of the scriptures. Too often this beautiful form of prayer is complicated by well-intentioned teachers. It is really very simple. In a few minutes of prayer pick up a gospel passage. A search of “daily readings” will take you the US Bishops’ Conference…(Read More)

let’s pray

I am often surprised and saddened to hear people speaking about their own experience of prayer with a degree of uncertainty and lack of confidence. But when I hear them speak it is clear to me that they have no reason at all to be uncertain because they are praying beautifully. They are in relationship…(Read More)

reality – or fantasy

I call it the magic carpet idea of prayer: the thought that prayer is a way of escaping from our present reality, floating away to a peaceful place before at the end of the time of prayer I have to come back to life’s worries and demands. But this is not Christian prayer. Christian…(Read More)

pray like this

Thank God it’s Tuesday! Last week the parish was involved in six ecumenical services, two for Ash Wednesday and four for the World Day of Prayer. It is a moving experience to pray together remembering that the heart of our faith, relationship with Jesus Christ who is God with us, is something we share…(Read More)

needing a miracle

These post-Christmas and early new year days provide many New Zealanders with annual rest and recreation. However some families have suffered tragedy in these vacation days. I’m thinking especially of a young Christchurch woman, Bridget (pictured) who while on holiday with her husband Dan and young family suffered cardiac arrest and following surgery…(Read More)

monastery bells

Bring the peace and focus of life in a monastery to the demands and stresses of your own daily life using this simple technique. Bell tower in picture at Our Lady of Mt Matutum Trappistine Monastery, General Santos, Philippines…(Read More)

five years on

Today, February 22, marks five years since the devastating 2011 earthquake which brought tragic loss of life to our city. Five years on we continue the long and difficult process of rebuilding our lives and livelihoods. On the first anniversary of the earthquake in 2012 tens of thousands of us gathered in Hagley Park for…(Read More)


Prayer is not as much a human activity as it is the action of God with us. Your desire for prayer and your expression of this desire is little compared to the desire that God has to be with you and to love you. If you need a bit of encouragement in your prayer you…(Read More)

the monkey mind

On Tuesday afternoon I visited the chapel of our Christchurch Carmelite sisters where Bishop Barry Jones was lying in state. The chapel was peaceful, and for some minutes another priest of the diocese and myself prayed alone, with the sisters, before other groups including some Sisters of Mercy and mothers with young children arrived. I…(Read More)

in God’s gaze

There is a story told of the holy French priest Jean Vianney (Ćure d’Ars d.1859). He noticed an elderly man who would spend hours in the church before the Blessed Sacrament. The ćure was curious about what happened in this man’s prayer. ‘What do you do when you are praying” he asked…(Read More)

help for prayer

I am not sure how I would pray if I did not have the regular rhythm of the prayers and scriptures of the Mass and the Liturgy of the Hours.  I am pretty sure my prayer would soon descend into nothing, since while I do pray every day apart from the set forms, it is…(Read More)