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Christ the King

The fact of our limited time on earth brings a clarity to our vision helping us to keep the struggles of earthly existence in a broader, deeper, eternal and loving divine perspective…(Read More)

pray & heal

We are challenged by Jesus to forgive those who harm us, but as hard as we try we are unable to do this and often we don’t even want to forgive…(Read More)

growing pains

The one who embraces this journey soon discovers that the pathway provided is more personally tailored to us than any life we might create for ourselves…(Read More)

the new life

I’ll never have the experience of a mother giving birth to a child and I’m ok with that, with mothers commenting that men have got no idea what real pain is…(Read More)

broken ?

Broken like a light-bulb, good for nothing? No! I’m broken like a jigsaw puzzle, full of potential and ready to become what I am created to be…(Read More)

truth tellers

It only takes one person living uncompromisingly in relationship with Jesus Christ to begin a movement of renewal…(Read More)

just pruning

Perhaps the pain you are experiencing today is not a cutting that causes death but a pruning that is preparing you to live more freely and fully…(Read More)

Good Friday

Anyone who really wanted to get rid of suffering would have to get rid of love before anything else, because there can be no love without suffering…(Read More)

to Jerusalem

“More than ever I find myself in the hands of God. This is what I have wanted all my life from my youth…(Read More)

choosing life

Our greatest human desire is not to be free of suffering and pain, but to live whatever reality is present in the great company…(Read More)

hopeful endurance

None of us likes to suffer, but on reflection we do know that at times we have had the maturity and the patience to endure times of difficulty knowing it is the only pathway to a greater reward…(Read More)

facing fear

We spend most of our lives running from death and the daily moments that feel deathly. We do our best to avoid such uncomfortable realities and expend time, energy and resources trying to avoid anything that hints at death…(Read More)

full immersion

Our adult life of faith, actively seeking maturity in following Christ, demands as a first step the reawakening of a desire to be fully and authentically human…(Read More)

facing demons

I’m happy to receive regular social media updates from Dr. Robert Wicks and this week one of his reflections began “The darkness we experience in life often tells just as much about us as it does about what we feel is its cause”. While some people mistakenly portray Christian life as a blissful and…(Read More)

Job in the dung

The first readings of the liturgy this week give  daily segments of the 42 chapters of the Old Testament Book of Job, well-chosen to convey the message of the entire book. Job is a good man who has everything then loses everything: wives, children, land, livestock and health. This leaves Job in the depths…(Read More)