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facing reality

Today I’m at one of the many very beautiful cemeteries of the Hurunui. We the family and friends of one who has died, have gathered here in Waikari to bury him. When we gather for a funeral, we are confronted with the reality of death. The one we have known and loved in life…(Read More)

seasons & feelings

It was only a few short months ago that I posted some pictures taken at this spot (in the Cheviot Hills Reserve) on the Food For Faith Facebook page. The pictures were of daffodils among the trees here behind me. Well, it’s a very different scene here today. There are Autumn leaves everywhere…(Read More)

the CROSS road

This evening I plan to be at the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament choir and orchestra performance of Bach’s St. John’s Passion. Details below. But before then, at 3.00pm in Hawarden, I will unite with Christians around the world for the solemn Celebration of the Lord’s Passion. This liturgy seems to…(Read More)

quakes & butterflies

Here in Canterbury New Zealand these past few years we rarely share our stories without telling of earthquakes. Our stability has been rocked in every way. We had thought that our turn on shaky ground had passed and recovery was underway. But then just after midnight on the morning of November 14 the entire region…(Read More)

a mother’s tears

I will never know the depth of enduring pain felt by a mother who watches helplessly as her child suffers and dies. As a priest I have buried too many children and young people, and witnessed the torment of the anguished parents. Today’s feast of Our Lady of Sorrows reminds me of the ancient…(Read More)

Good Friday

Some of the most beautiful music ever written is inspired by the suffering and death of Jesus. Perhaps the most beautiful is Mozart’s Ave Verum. You might appreciate a moment savouring the dying face of Jesus while listening to the hymn. The crucifix was designed by Charles Thomas (Christchurch architect).  His choice was to…(Read More)

this Holy Week

With the celebration of Palm Sunday this weekend we enter the Holy Week journey through suffering and death to the resurrection of Easter morning. In this brief clip I offer a thought on the significance of Holy Week and Easter, and introduce the central liturgies of the week ahead…(Read More)

hope in suffering

Over the weekend I was a bit preoccupied by the many ways in which those I love, (friends, family and parishioners), suffer. It was yesterday’s first reading from the Old Testament book of Job that got me pondering. Job was a good man and his suffering came about only because of the devil trying…(Read More)

sinking feeling

I’m not sure if you have ever been seasick? I will never forget the time I was so seasick that I would have welcomed death. The journey was in a fishing boat late one night between Chatham and Pitt Islands. I didn’t realise that the crossing would take longer at night, and also…(Read More)

seeds that grow

The sufferings of this time, are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed. Romans 8:18 One of my seminary theology teachers often tried to express his compassion for us in the stressful days before exams. He would say: “the sufferings of this time are not worth comparing to the glory…(Read More)