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the big picture

We often focus too much on overcoming a particular sin forgetting that our focus must be on Jesus Christ who gives us both the desire and the ability to overcome sin…(Read More)

our holy longing

While at times we are faced with decisions involving good and evil, most often our choices are between something good, something better, and perhaps a best option…(Read More)

tempted & growing

Instead of going down that track of settling for the thing I think I want that’s actually a temptation, we are much better off if we become aware of the desire we have for something greater…(Read More)

tempted ?

You might have heard the one about the Abbot who asked the novice if he had been entertaining temptations. “No” the novice replied, “I haven’t been entertaining temptations. They have been entertaining me”. In today’s Sunday gospel Jesus is tempted. I appreciate that reminder helping me to remember that when I am being…(Read More)

tempted ?

At the risk of you turning off even before we begin, I want to offer a word of encouragement about temptation. We all experience temptations. Jesus was tempted. I enjoy the story about the abbot who asked the young novice whether or not he was entertaining temptations…(Read More)


I often think that no-one struggles with temptation more than I do, so I find it very encouraging to hear every now and then from friends who are also engaged in the battle to follow the deepest desire for the good, the true and the beautiful. Too easily we settle for sin, which never…(Read More)


In the Gospel reading for today, the First Sunday of Lent, we hear of Jesus being tempted. His response to the temptation seems remarkably calm; he simply gives one sentence put-downs to Satan. What is it that enables him to reject these attractive temptations of power, wealth and glory with such (apparent) ease. I…(Read More)

follow the good

I’m thinking ahead a couple of days to Lent which begins this week on Ash Wednesday. I heard someone once say that Lent was a kind of “boot camp” for the Christian, a time when the one who seeks to follow Christ becomes much more driven to overcome temptation. I must admit that the…(Read More)

greatest attraction

In the past couple of posts (listen and read) I have reflected on Pope Francis’ Epiphany homily in which he challenges us to take the example of the Magi by avoiding the darkness and following the light. The greatest opportunity we have for this is in the midst of temptation. Perhaps its more simple than…(Read More)

holy cunning

I am sure that there are some people who saw this snake image and quickly decided to surf to another page. Many people don’t like snakes. It can’t be simply that they are slimy and slide on their bellies since we are delighted to see worms, the bigger the better, in the garden…(Read More)