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The restoration of Our Lady of Victories Church at the time of the 40th anniversary of its 1968 opening was an inspiring project to be a part of. Charles Thomas, the church’s architect, oversaw the restoration using modern methods and materials to fully achieve his original vision.

One aspect of the restoration was the removal of the carpet that had been added over the decades. This had the welcome effect of transforming the previous carpet-dulled acoustic, into a clear and sharp chamber of sound. Overnight the sound of congregational singing improved, and choirs began to seek out the church for sacred-music concerts and recordings. These were enhanced by the installation of a superb church organ.

The Kolbe Singers is a chamber choir, formed to serve the liturgy and drawn from Catholic students, people associated with tertiary learning and the Kolbe Community, some are drawn from our Cathedral choir.

“The Sound of Faith”  CD (recorded at Our Lady of Victories) is a superb collection of quality music in the hands and hearts and voices of an inspiring choir.

You can order these by email kenjoblin@clear.net.nz  or by mail 3/23 Cutts Road, Russley, Christchurch 8042 including cheque for$20.00 per copy with a $5.00 charge for postage.

Here are some key responses: from two recipients of the cd:

1.  “Lovely performances, well recorded (with the words very clear, too – a real plus for a show like this).  I’ll be very happy to add the disc to our library.  -Paul Bushnell, Producer and Presenter, Hymns for Sunday Morning, Radio New Zealand National.  (Two of the hymns have already been aired.)

2.  “Your CD is very impressive and we are keenly looking forward to recording the Kolbe Singers.”-Peter Averi,, Music Director, TVNZ Praise Be.  (Four of the tracks are to be recorded in the Transitional Cathedral as part of the TVNZ “Praise Be” recording in late May)

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