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you did know this

After my post about the Advent “O Antiphons” a couple of days ago, some have comment that they had never heard about the “O Antiphons”. But most Christians know the Advent hymn, “O Come, O Come Emmanuel”, and anyone who has sung this hymn has sung the O Antiphons – each of the seven verses, one…(Read More)

seven more sleeps

In the Prayer of the Church, prayed through the hours of each day by many Christians, and which priests and many Religious communities pray on behalf of all people, the journey of Advent moves up a gear on December 17 when the date appears alongside the day of the week in the Breviary. This marks…(Read More)

Advent encouragement

This is Pope Francis’ first Advent so we have not yet heard much from him about the mission of these pre-Christmas days. This gives us the opportunity to savour some of the Advent reflections of Pope Benedict. This, from the First Vespers of Advent, 2009. …the Apostle Paul invites us to prepare for “the…(Read More)

it’s Advent

There is a story told of the holy French priest Jean Vianney (Ćure d’Ars d.1859). He noticed an elderly man who would spend hours in the church before the Blessed Sacrament. The ćure was curious about what happened in this man’s prayer. ‘What do you do when you are praying” he asked…(Read More)