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Christ the King

The fact of our limited time on earth brings a clarity to our vision helping us to keep the struggles of earthly existence in a broader, deeper, eternal and loving divine perspective…(Read More)

a greater power

If you are following the gospel readings this week you might find them a bit fearsome with their focus on the end of this earthly world. But something much better is being offered to us…(Read More)

Christ the King

the king, with the crown…of thorns. It’s the last Sunday of the Church year today. In recent weeks the readings of the liturgy have been preparing us for the end times (eschaton) with reminders that there will come a time when all that we can see and touch on earth is no more…(Read More)

Xt. the Kg. prep.

If you are preparing to preach this coming Sunday for the feast of Christ the King you might find these thoughts helpful. In 1925 Pope Pius XI spoke strongly against secularism. The secularist wave then (as now), promotes worldly achievement and wealth as the ultimate human success. Following the difficult years of World War I…(Read More)

faces of faithfest

More Faithfest photos here from Peter Fleming. If you were there, the chances are you will see yourself in at least one of these pictures. The pics are a mix from different moments of the day, some from the Mass, others from the Choral festival. Photos of the cultural festival to come tomorrow. The programme…(Read More)

Bishop’s Faithfest homily

Thanks to Bishop Barry Jones for providing “food for faith” with this copy of his homily delivered at yesterday at the Faithfest Mass in the CBS Arena, Christchurch. Everywhere, today, the Catholic Church will be honouring Jesus Christ, the King of the Universe. It is the conclusion of the Church year. There are processions and…(Read More)

ChCh Diocese Faithfest

Today the Catholic Diocese of Christchurch celebrated the end of the Year of Faith. These images from this morning’s Mass celebrating the Feast of Christ the King speak more vividly than words could. As more photos become available I will upload them. Thanks to John Saywell for these photos…(Read More)

soul by soul and silently

There is a great Cecil Spring Rice poem that is better known for the Gustav Holst music it is often sung to. It is an appropriate anthem for today’s feast of Christ the King. Take a moment before listening to the hymn, to reflect on the poem. The first two verses, (especially the second…(Read More)

our maker is our monarch

What image enters your mind when you think of Christ as King? I find it hard to get beyond the trappings of contemporary royalty: wealth, glamour, and image. I’d have to add the image I have of royals doing little except ‘looking royal’. This scene is far from the reality of the feast we…(Read More)