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Our confinement has given birth to new possibilities, new ways of living and of thriving that are even more satisfying than the way we existed before…(Read More)

truth & freedom

The child without thinking reaches out and grasps hold of maybe a finger and holds on. Perhaps they are thinking that if they hold on they will be more secure…(Read More)

living law

Perhaps the most tragic misunderstanding of Christian faith is to think that it’s all about rules and regulations. This is a reduction of faith to moralism and legalism…(Read More)

mature freedom

As a person grows up and becomes emancipated, they wants to liberate themselves from this submission and become free and adult…(Read More)

the way of freedom

If you sometimes feel driven and trapped by your compulsion and activity you might find this reflection helpful…(Read More)

faith & freedom

Last week’s sacking of Australian Rugby star Israel Folau probably might signal a change in our New Zealand position of diversity of freedom and lifestyle…(Read More)

called to maturity

I was in an airport at 1.30pm yesterday afternoon when the nearby TV was turned to full volume so that the Muslim call to prayer could be clearly heard…(Read More)


Humans are made for freedom which is why we react so strongly against anything that appears to limit our liberty. However our understanding of freedom is often very impoverished. Freedom is not about being able to do whatever I want to do whenever I want to do it. This is a definition of anarchy. Freedom…(Read More)


Hopefully you find the time in the next day or two to savour this inspiring talk on freedom given last weekend by Fr. Julian Carron at the University of Notre Dame. The text is available at this link and the video at the same link and also below. I found it most helpful to watch…(Read More)

let go

Have you ever heard a well-intentioned speaker talking of the life of faith as a journey of ‘letting go’?  Were their examples motivated by fear, or by the attraction of love?  Click on the video below for a reflection that you might find encouraging…(Read More)

created and free

If I invited you to listen closely to today’s scripture readings, then asked you to sum them up in a couple of words, you might answer that these readings are all about sin and temptation. It is true that the words sin and temptation feature prominently, and no doubt this has prompted some dramatic…(Read More)

life-giving law

“Do not think that I have come to abolish  the law or the prophets. I have come not to abolish but to fulfill. The people I spend time with during the average week are good people and great company. Most of them periodically indicate that they disagree with the teaching of the Church on some…(Read More)