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intelligent faith

Too often religion is presented as the answer to questions that no-one is asking. At The Meeting faith is presented as the adequate response to human existence…(Read More)

in pairs

The one who fears to be alone will never be anything but lonely, no matter how much they may surround themselves with people…(Read More)

just living

In recent years I have had the privilege of being a part of an annual week-long vacation of friends in the north of Italy. This year 250 people of all ages took part and each day was lived abundantly. The group is diverse in every way. The age range was from 80’s down…(Read More)


With yesterday’s gospel highlighting the new family of those living in friendship with Jesus, today’s Feast of St. James the apostle reminds us that Jesus spent most of his three years of ministry with the twelve in friendship with them forming them to be his apostles. I noticed that yesterday’s friendship theme…(Read More)

family & friends

In today’s gospel Jesus really blurs any clear distinction between family and friends when he asks “who is my mother? Who are my brothers?” We often have unrealistic expectations of our biological families. Our parents age and die. Siblings marry and form their own families. Children leave home and are no longer dependant on…(Read More)

ultimate strength

Don’t miss this encouragement in the heart of the second reading of today’s liturgy. “My grace is enough for you: my power is at its best in weakness” 1 Cor 12 Our human frailty and sin, when acknowledged honestly, becomes our capacity for God’s power. While our human achievements and successes might…(Read More)

Monday morn

The gospel readings of each Sunday are a central part of the nourishment given in the liturgy which sets us up for the week ahead. Too often the gospel is not heard or remembered and we are the poorer for it as we face the challenges of the week. So let’s take a moment…(Read More)

meet Peter

I have a deep affection for St. Peter. I think I understand him well and I have a strong sense that he gets me too. This is why as a teenager I chose Peter as my confirmation name. What do I mean by my affection for and understanding of Peter? Last year on a visit…(Read More)

on friendship

This month began with news of the Las Vegas tragedy with the loss of 58 lives and the wounding of almost 500 people A number of commentators have reflected that while one man held the gun, the responsibility for such tragedies must at least partly shared by a society that is lacking in what is…(Read More)

i can’t not

Don’t get down when you hear this Sunday’s first reading. Jeremiah is having a bad day. He’s a bit overwhelmed with the negative response he is getting when he passes God’s message to the people. In short, Jeremiah is having a Jeremiad. While we all have bad days, Jeremiah is very…(Read More)

from the desk

It’s Saturday morning here in Amberley and over coffee looking out from my office to the Autumn garden I am thinking back over a few of the moments of the week. Some years ago I realised that the things that happen during a week only have power to make or break my week if…(Read More)

friendship’s sake

I have spent the weekend in the Philippines (Manila and Cebu) and today head home to NZ. The brief visit was an opportunity to meet with friends in both cities and to journey together in faith. The simple purpose of the visit: friendship, the kind of friendship without which life is not possible. Fifteen hours…(Read More)

poets’ friendship

The weather last night could not have been worse for the annual Christchurch Rochester lecture with John Weir reflecting on the life, letters and loves of NZ poet James K. Baxter. As we gathered a cold southerly brought bitter cold and sleet to Canterbury, but still a great crowd assembled to hear John share profound…(Read More)

Francis’ friends

Last Saturday’s gathering was a remarkable experience of friendship and faith, with Pope Francis. You’ll get a taste of the event in this video clip made with an iphone and a cast of nearly 100,000 friends. Also below is the stream of the entire two hour gathering, including twenty minutes of the…(Read More)


You might have noticed that I haven’t posted here for a few days. For the week from last Saturday I have been on vacation in the Dolomite mountains.  For the past couple of years I have had the privilege of spending this week with a community of 300 friends from small towns in the…(Read More)