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Lent & Autumn

It is Lent and, at least here in New Zealand, it is also Autumn. It is different in the northern hemisphere where it is springtime, but I like our southern match. You might find this brief video clip a helpful reflection on Lent and Autumn…(Read More)

Sunday celebration

Don’t forget in the zeal of your Lenten fasting and abstinence that even in the more rigorous old rules of 1959 “There is no fasting or abstinence on Sundays” in Lent.  Sunday is always the day of the resurrection, and a day of celebration. Thanks Don from Sydney for sharing this. Everyone else, pass…(Read More)

the drama begins

While the daily heart of the liturgy of the Church is the Mass, the Liturgy of the Hours helps the grace of the Mass to flow through the hours of the day. Along with the psalms which repeat in a four-week cycle, one of the daily dramatic highlights is often the scripture reading from…(Read More)

Ash Wednesday

Lent only makes sense for sinners. Other good people might engage in Lenten disciplines of fasting and penance, but these practices will only bear fruit for the one who knows their personal sinfulness and sincerely seeks the mercy of God. This is probably why for many Catholics the season of Lent is no different from…(Read More)

email inspiration

If you are like me and need all the Lenten encouragement you can get, you might like to do what I have done and sign up for a forty day Lenten dose of inbox tonic from Fr. Robert Barron at…(Read More)

pancake feasting

Happy Mardi Gras! No, I’m not encouraging you to dress in pink (or less) and parade in public. Mardi Gras has a more original significance, literally “Fat Tuesday” better known as “Pancake Tuesday” or “Shrove Tuesday.” This day has important roots in our Catholic calendar (as for many other Christians) since it is the…(Read More)

lenten realignment

This week with Ash Wednesday we begin the Season of Lent. In these forty days we allow ourselves to become aware of our deepest desire, that is, our attraction to Christ and the life Christ enables in us. The method is not a rigorous discipline marked by gloomy-faced penances. The readings of the Ash…(Read More)

turn to what is real

In the middle of the nineteenth century, much of New Zealand was divided into large runs of land for cropping and sheep farming. One of these stations was “Cheviot Hills” and that is where we are today to remind us to turn again to what is real…(Read More)

Autumn and Lent

In the southern hemisphere, Lent coincides with the season of Autumn. While liturgical theology commonly uses the northern hemisphere seasons to communicate the high points in the Church year, the southern arrangement of an Autumn Lent can also work very well…(Read More)