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at last I can see

“…we have no other way of walking toward our fulfilment except through the circumstances in which we find ourselves…(Read More)

prayer & reality

In this reflection I share some of the most helpful advice ever given to me about prayer. I hope you find it as encouraging as I have…(Read More)

a room alone

“All of humanity’s problems stem from our inability to sit quietly in a room alone…(Read More)

schools & education

As staff and students in New Zealand prepare to begin the 2020 school year here’s a thought on the purpose of education, and a reflection on prayer in schools…(Read More)

busy ?

In the midst of the extra demands of this month, the Season of Advent beginning today offers a timely way to stay happy and centred when everything else threatens to steal our healthy perspective…(Read More)

living reality

The biographies of those named as saints in the church often promote the false idea that a saint is more likely to be an introvert who prefers to hide in a chapel than to engage with the world…(Read More)

living? maybe not!

It’s the feast of Ignatius Loyola today and he has helped me to see that my fears and compulsions often tragically lead me to go through days and weeks as if I’m at least half asleep…(Read More)

being real

Somewhere we picked up the false idea that highs mean happy and lows mean sad…(Read More)

ultimate journey

Welcome to Food For Faith for Advent. Even though we don’t begin Advent until this Sunday I’m thinking ahead, especially because I’m celebrating Mass and preaching at St. Mary’s pro-Cathedral in Christchurch this Sunday at 5.30pm. Here’s our first Advent reflection, a video clip inviting us to consider…(Read More)

retreat & reality

A brief Saturday morning live video reflection from New Norcia, a couple of hours north of Perth in Western Australia. I hope you are getting a chance to “retreat” in the most helpful sense of that word this weekend. Tap on this link to watch:  Saturday Morning in New Norcia &nbsp…(Read More)

facing reality

Today I’m at one of the many very beautiful cemeteries of the Hurunui. We the family and friends of one who has died, have gathered here in Waikari to bury him. When we gather for a funeral, we are confronted with the reality of death. The one we have known and loved in life…(Read More)

Christmas reality

Take a moment in the midst of this pre-Christmas busyness to focus again on the heart of the feast. You might find this brief video clip helpful…(Read More)


Prayer is not as much a human activity as it is the action of God with us. Your desire for prayer and your expression of this desire is little compared to the desire that God has to be with you and to love you. If you need a bit of encouragement in your prayer you…(Read More)

life in the gap

The “mind the gap” signs are often found at railway stations where the authorities don’t like to lose customers between the platform and the train. The gap is a helpful image for human life. Find out more in this brief three-minute Food For Faith video clip…(Read More)