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In gratitude to Roger Scruton for his work, and as a prayer for his eternal experience of the fulness of beauty, I share one of his best-known video teachings…(Read More)

beauty spot

Just after 8 each weekday morning the NZ Concert Program features a few minutes highlighted as the day’s “Beauty Spot”. These minutes regularly include some of the most beautiful music of all time, chosen I suspect to entice people who have yet to know the pleasure of the classics of the music world. This…(Read More)

hope for a church

As I prepare to leave the Hurunui after six years I am aware of the great needs of Christian communities in rural New Zealand. If one of our large Christchurch churches were to close then a few hundred people have a choice of a dozen Masses every Sunday within a ten minute drive. If a…(Read More)

new Hurunui era

I want to share with Food For Faith readers a great grace, a sign of hope that I experienced this weekend in the Catholic community of the Hurunui. We are a small community, with around 80 people spread over four or five Sunday Masses (depending on the Sunday of the month). Some of our churches…(Read More)

tasting beauty

Last weekend the Synod of the Anglican Diocese of Christchurch took the decision to restore their earthquake-damaged Cathedral. While a decision about the future of the Catholic Cathedral will be made after the appointment of a new bishop, the Anglican Community of Christchurch has had to face this difficult discernment in the stormy arena…(Read More)

Sunday beauty

Today we are in a very beautiful place. I had the privilege of living not too far from here in the town of Cheviot for several years and today we are surrounded by the beauty of the sea, scenery and bird music. A significant number of people have replaced their past church life with a…(Read More)

in whose eye ?

A question: Is beauty in the eye of the beholder? In recent days I have watched a couple of videos from Brian Holdsworth who  is passionate about getting the message of faith into the public square. This brief four minute clip is especially helpful for our Christchurch diocese where a number of parishes are engaged…(Read More)

the art of JMH

The response to my post yesterday marking the death of Christchurch priest Monsignor James Harrington was both overwhelming and moving. Many readers were touched to learn that a most outstanding example of the art of JMH (as he usually signed a piece he had written) remains in the now derelict chapel of the former Holy…(Read More)

Mgr. Harrington RIP

It is with sadness this morning that we have learnt of the death of Monsignor James Harrington PA. Monsignor Jim, as he was widely and affectionately known, became a priest of the Catholic Diocese of Christchurch on July 14 1957 when he was ordained by Bishop Edward.M. Joyce.  He was born in Christchurch in…(Read More)

begin with beauty

The Lectionary for Sunday liturgy used by Catholics and many other Christian denominations gives us the opportunity to be united in prayer and to be nourished by the same scripture selections in worship each week. This Sunday, New Year’s Day, the first reading is the well known blessing from the Testament book of Numbers…(Read More)

the beautiful gate

I am delighted that the new entrance gate has now been installed at the Amberley church. It is a superb beginning to the 150th anniversary of the opening of this beautiful and historic church. I am reminded of the Temple Gate referred to in the scriptures – a place of encounter with Jesus known as…(Read More)

building beauty

One of my classes this morning with Denis McNamara got me thinking anew about beauty. It is commonly commented that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but certainly the human eye (and mind and heart) can be formed to appreciate beauty. Beauty is an objective reality. The ancients knew this and since antiquity…(Read More)

R.E. Congress 2014

I am often inspired by the clarity, attractiveness and depth of Fr. Robert Barron’s reflections. This weekend  (13-16 March) he was a keynote speaker at the Archdiocese of Los Angeles Religious Education Congress. I guarantee that you won’t regret taking an hour to listen to this very significant and inspiring reflection on…(Read More)

“my smilin face…

The Dr. Hook hit “Cover of the Rollin Stone” has been playing in my head since I heard this morning that Pope Francis has made it.  Earlier in the day a media person called me on the hunt for an interview, but I suspect that other stories have overtaken this morning’s papal headline. You…(Read More)

beauty ever new

I have been thinking about beauty all year. It was only a few hours into the new year when an email from Jason (who created this foodforfaith website and looks after the ongoing technological details) quoted Dostoyevsky “Beauty will save the world” and for the three days since I have been pondering all things beautiful…(Read More)